October 31, 2020

4-6 PM

The GEHCA Covid-Busters will be heading around the neighborhood distributing candy and other treats in celebration of one of our favorite holidays.  We will also be recognizing two contest winners carved pumpkin and 2. best Halloween decorations. Submissions for contest: send pictures to by Friday, October 30th at 5PM. *note-we will also be driving around in case someone does not receive this message.

We plan on weaving through the neighborhood using the following route:

Start on River Hill 4PM; R-Wissioming ;L-Waukesha; R-Madawaska; R-Wehauken (U-turn); R-Madawaska; R-Wapakoneta (U-turn); L-Walhonding;

L-Waneta (U-turn); L-Walhonding; L-Wyoming (U-turn); R-Tuscarawas ;

R-Iroquois; L-Namakagan; R-Wehauken; R-Winnebago; L-Wissioming;

L-Wyoming Ct. (U-turn); L-Wissioming;

End at River Hill 6PM

While our celebration will look very different from past celebrations -no party or haunted trail- we will make the most of our circumstances. We encourage everyone to consider a healthy plan for trick-or-treating should you decide to do so. Our suggestions: 1. knock only on doors that have their lights on; 2. keep your family close 3. walk on the right side of the street and visit homes only on the side you are walking (no zig-zagging); 4. CDC suggests masks under Halloween masks 5. NO porch-crowding (one party at a time) and 6. wipe down wrapped items.  

Be safe and healthy, everyone! 

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