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What are the boundaries of the Glen Echo Heights Community Association?

Glen Echo Heights is a neighborhood in Bethesda, Maryland, USA. For purposes of the Association, the outer boundary is as follows: Starting at the intersection of MacArthur Boulevard and Walhonding Road, going clockwise, the boundary runs along Walhonding Road to the center of Sangamore Road through the south ends of Wapakoneta and Wehawken Roads along the east side of the Conservation Park to MacArthur Boulevard where it joins Alexander and Wapakoneta Roads, then back to Walhonding Road.

The Association boundary includes all properties within the outer boundary and also includes all properties on both sides of Walhonding Road, properties on the west side of Sangamore Road between Walhonding Road and Westpath Way, and all properties on MacArthur Boulevard between Wapakoneta/Alexander Road and Walhonding Road.

Glen Echo Heights has a very interesting history. Click on the Glen Echo History page to learn more!

How do I join GEHCA?
It’s easy to join the Glen Echo Heights Citizens' Association. Just go to the membership page to sign up. All residents are welcome to join GEHCA!

What does my annual membership fee support?
Your annual membership fee helps pay for administrative costs of the organization, such as organizing and publicizing social events sponsored by GEHCA (Halloween party, Spring clean-up, Fall bbq, caroling, Driveway Drinks); strengthening greater connections with other allies in the community such as GEFD and Little Falls Village; GEHCA will advocate for residents with local and state officials regarding traffic and safety, quiet skies et al.;creating an environment of intergenerational support and collective spirit; maintaining the website, printing materials, etc.


How can I donate money to the Glen Echo Heights Citizens' Association?
Please click on the Donate Today page and follow the links.  And many thanks for your generosity:)


How can I volunteer for GEHCA?
There are all kinds of ways to support GEHCA, including volunteering for one of GEHCA's events, helping to distribute announcements and information, serving on the board or on one of GEHCA’s committees. GEHCA is also a recognized volunteer organization by MoCo schools for student SSL hours. E-mail and someone will definitely get back to you.

Association Bylaws

Where can I view the GEHCA bylaws?
The GEHCA Bylaws are available online.
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