Airplane Chemical and Noise Pollution

In the last few years, more flights have departed and arrived at Reagan National Airport, and they are later in the night than they used to be.  This has increased local noise and chemical pollution (fuel-burning residues) in our ecosystem.  The flights have increased the unhealthy, general stress levels, sleep problems, and anger levels of many of our neighbors.  The flights are concentrated over the Potomac River and Maryland side of the river.  Directly impacted communities are Avenel, Bannockburn, Burning Tree Village, Brookmont, Cabin John, Carderock Springs, Fort Sumner, Glen Echo Town, Glen Echo Heights, Green Acres, Goldsboro, Kenwood Park, Mohican Hills, Persimmon Tree, Potomac (West Montgomery County Citizens Association), River Falls, Rock Creek Forest, Springfield, Sumner, Tulip Hill, Westmoreland Hills and Overlook, Wood Acres, Woodrock, and Wyngate.

The Montgomery County Quiet Skies Coalition (MCQSC) is working to reduce airplane pollution, and needs help from all of us (  You can file noise complaints from this site, and the (MCQSC urges you to do this often to help all.  The Airport has no “curfew.”  The airplane pollution is a violation of our social justice. 

Our cutting down on the number of airplane flights will also help to reduce global warming.  Greta Thunberg was well aware of that when she took a sailboat to the U.S. 

E. M. Barrows, 2 March 2020

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