GEHCA Tree and Garden Committee (TGC)

This is a standing committee based on GEHCA’s Bylaws (going back to about the early 1960s).  The GEHCA President (currently Lisa Owen) is an ex officio member.  I have been on the TGC for about 20 years and started as its chair in 2017.  I have a full–time job and work on this committee when I can.  Past chairs include Marcia Rutger, Matt Gillen, and Eluned Schweitzer.  2020 members are Lisa, 1st VP Purcie Bennett, Eluned, Merlyn, Sunny, and myself.  In 2020, this committee met once face-to-face and communicated via email.  If you have time to be an active member, we should communicate: 

     At GEHCA’s next membership meeting, we’ll vote on this motion: Change the name of the Tree and Garden Committee to “Environment Committee.”  We need a quorum (10%) of GECHA’s membership to vote on a motion.  Our Bylaws state that motions are made during a membership meeting and voted upon in a subsequent meeting.  Our sibling neighborhood, Glen Echo, also has an Environment Committee, and GE and GEH might work on a joint project.  

Edd Barrows. February 19, 2020

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