RainScapes Program

A program of Montgomery County, MD Department of Environmental Protection which promotes and implements projects that reduce stormwater runoff and improve water quality on properties within Montgomery County, MD.


In the Washington, D.C. (WDCA),, Area, there is much storm-water runoff.  It is toxic water containing lawn pesticides, fertilizers, oil, road salt, microplastic particles, tire dust, and other harmful materials.  A person certainly would not want to drink such water, yet humanity is allowing it to go into our waterways where it harms thousands of beneficial species.  Many gallons of this runoff go into the Potomac River and in turn into the Chesapeake Bay from the WDCA, including Glen Echo Heights.  These water bodies are in sad, unhealthy states.  In Glen Echo Heights, we can reduce our runoff by installing different kinds of rain gardens, replacing lawns with meadows, and increasing our number of trees.  Ms. Ann English is our county rainscapes expert who has been helping GEH to reduce our toxic runoff.  We have a long way to go to reduce our runoff, and the solution starts in our own yards. 

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EcoBeneficial Interview: Solving Stormwater Issues with Ann English of the RainScapes Program

Edd Barrows, Biologist, 2nd VP,  Glen Echo Heights Citizens’ Association; February 19, 2020, March 2, 2020

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